ambient4 - luneburg heath

by navel

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in an attempt to reflect Eno's and Harmonia's original, not musically but spiritually though, by simply seeking a similar natural environment – the luneburgh heath – navel together with the camera artist hanno and their producer niko had experienced some days out in the nature there, recording around nightfall and in the mists of morning. maybe they got lost there, because the recordings of that session had been detected by hello chodura as a reel to reel mastertape which he found in his studio in sevastopole together with the enigmatic VHS by hanno. no one really knows how the material got there. but there had been a post-it on it with the words: “hello hello, please release it. the track order is: lost on luneburg heath, reflections on zeit, in the swamp. thank you…


released August 24, 2011

navel is gage and floyd. with niko and hanno. the tracks have been recorded in two days in august 2005 live on luneburg heath. we used 4-track tape recorder. overdubs, mixing and mastering between 2009 and 2011 at landebahn studio, stuttgart. mixed and mastered by niko.
cover photography ba hanno.
released on tape by koppklys.



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navel Stuttgart, Germany

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